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  Fantastic Voyage Tour Line strives to ensure that you and your group are safe, comfortable, and happy. In order for us to do so, we ask that you and your group adhere to the following terms and conditions. 

-Please respect the driver and do not distract him or her. Our drivers are highly skilled and all about your safety and comfort while on the coach. In order to help the driver make sure you and your group have an awesome ride, please do not talk to them while they are driving unless it's an emergency and respect them, they will give you and your group the upmost respect, we just ask that you do the same. 

- Please keep the coach clean and in order. Before and after each and every trip, our awesome coach cleaner makes sure that the coach is clean and pristine upon you and your group boarding the coach. Please keep the coach clean and in order during the duration of your voyage. Failure to throw trash in the proper waste receptacles and clean up after oneself will result in a $150 clean up fee. Also, we ensure that the onboard restroom is always clean, sanitized, and is fully stocked with hand soap and paper towels . Please keep the restroom clean during your trip and please DO NOT FLUSH ANY FORIEGN OBJECTS DOWN THE TOILET, INCLUDING: TOILET PAPER, PAPER TOWELS, WIPES (EVEN THE FLUSHABLE WIPES), AND FEMENINE PRODUCTS, THESE THINGS WILL DAMAGE THE WASTE SYSTEM. ONLY FLUSH "NUMBER 1" DOWN THE TOILET.  We're not being mean, we just ask that you respect our buses and we want to ensure everyone has a clean and stinky free trip. Unlike Greyhound, we keep our buses clean, fresh, and breezy.

-Please do not purposely damage the coach. We know that accidents happen and we will not fault you for that, however, purposeful destruction of property is not tolerated and will result in a $250 purposeful damage fee. Again, we're not trying to be mean, we just ask that you respect our buses. 

ATTENTION GROUP LEADERS AND PLANNERS: Motor coaches cannot fit in all areas like a car can and not all roads are suitable for a 45ft long and 12ft high coach. Also, in compliance with the FMCSA, our drivers cannot drive anymore than 10 hours a day and cannot be on duty for anymore than 15 hours. Please keep these things in mind while planning your trip. Safety is our top priority and we want to make sure that the destinations that you plan to embark on are safe for you and safe for our driver to maneuver in and out of. Also, keep in mind that when unloading and loading your group whether it be at a restaurant, hotel, or anywhere, we want to make sure that your group is away from all dangers such as traffic, construction equipment, etc. If you need help planning your fantastic voyage, we will be more than glad to help you. We want you and your group to have a spectacular and stress free voyage, please keep these things in mind. Lastly, while your group is staying at a hotel overnight or spending the day at an awesome destination, rest assure that anything you leave on the coach will be safe. Either our driver will be staying with the coach or they will properly secure the coach before they leave it, your items will be safe with us. Upon the end of your trip please check the bus thoroughly for anything you or your group may have left. Our driver will also check the bus for any left articles before leaving.

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